Rochester Studios | Successful first Portfolio Builder Day

Successful first Portfolio Builder Day

July 26, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

On Sunday 22nd July we ran our first Portfolio Builder day. We all know that photography is an expensive hobby (especially if you are trying to run a studio!) With models and studios charging around £25 per hour each it is easy for studio work to get priced out of some people’s budgets and particularly daunting if you have never tried it before. We’re here to help!

If you have never worked with a model or in a studio environment, Portfolio Builder sessions are designed in part for you. You share the costs of model and studio hire with up to four other photographers and get the help of the studio team to assist and share their dubious knowledge - or at very least get them to make you a coffee. We help with lighting and setups and take the time to explain how different lighting techniques can produce different styles, give you the chance to try different types of light modifiers, and we will help you understand some of those fiddly camera controls and why one lens is better, or worse, than another. 

'I’ve been taking photos since the old King died’, well, these events can be good for you as well. They offer an excellent chance for you to meet with a model you may be interested in working with on a one to one basis. Even if you booked a model for an hour (and most have a minimum booking of two hours) and the studio you cold be looking at quite an expensive ‘taster’ session.

Most importantly, these sessions are supposed to be fun. A chance to meet with models and other photographers, share ideas and a laugh or two, yet still come away with some great images. Our first builder event seems to have fulfilled that.  We had a range of skills over two sessions during the day, from newbies to studio regulars. Petra, our model, was fantastic, friendly, and worked well with everybody helping them to get some amazing shots, from what I have seen posted online, regardless of their skill level. There was much ribbing of studio staff (far too much), photographers and models throughout the day in kind-hearted jest, well that is what they told me at least, even though most people had never met each other before. Miraculously some people even claimed to have learnt something! 

You can see some of the studio captured images here

Thank you to Conrad, Phil, James, Dave, Lisa and Jessica and of course the incredible Petra, for making the first one of these such a success. 

If you like the sound of this why not drop us a line to register your interest and we can get to work on organising the next one. Prices are around £45-55 for a four hour session. 


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