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The Matrix Reborn

February 15, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

So picture the scene, it is December 10th 2017, the temperature is hovering just around zero degrees (32°F in old money) and nature has blessed South East England, in part, in a light daubing of snow. This would be an ideal day to stay in bed and have the proverbial lazy Sunday. Alternatively you could get up at stupid o’clock and head down to an unfinished, poorly heated, shell of a photographic studio situated next to a somewhat draughty river Medway. Then, just to ensure that hyperthermia could really set in, at some stage you could be hosed down in cold water!

Gino’s plan to recreate a Matrix style shoot seemed mad enough to start with, but when I confirmed the day before that we were still going ahead with the shoot, despite the Met Office severe weather warnings, I concluded he was stark raving bonkers and so was anybody that had signed up to the deal! Thankfully I was only photographing it, our large cast of around 15 actors, models and friends, with the lead role played by Miss Diamond Sparkle, were not so fortunate.

It was a classic story, heroine gets caught by baddies, heroine gets beaten and thrown into a cell, heroine escapes beating the daylights out of anybody that gets in her way, culminating in the big finale fight scene outside in the pouring rain, supplied by makeup artist Kailey Walker and a hosepipe, where the heroine single handedly takes on everybody and emerges the victor. Is she really the good guy or not? Nobody really knows.

It was a shoot that utilised every bit of our, at the time, unfinished studio and surrounding area from the staircase in the shared access area where we dragged our heroine in; the part completed main studio for painful, non Geneva Convention style interrogation; and the lift doubling as a cell though to the outside courtyard for the final epic showdown.

We had a young lady come along that day to get some material for her college coursework. This is a message we got back after the event ...

"We both had an amazing day yesterday.....what an fantastic insight into the world of the photographer! Florrie greatly enjoyed the hands on active experience of practicing photographing at a live shoot.

All the advice both you and Ian gave her will be of such a benefit to her and it was enormously kind of you to offer your time and wisdom during such a busy event. You have been very generous in allowing her to participate and your encouragement and humor throughout was very welcome. Thank you to Ian too, who also helped to make Florrie feel such an active participant.

I don't think either of us have had a day quite like it! We have very much enjoyed seeing the images of the day already showing on your website We would also like to thank all the other lovely friendly people we met too,

Our best wishes and thanks, Florrie and Di"

We have invested in a state of the art meteorological system for Gino to assist with future shoots, it's called a window!

Take a look at some of the images from the shoot here.


Photography - Gino Cinganelli, Stephanie Sceal, Iain Blacklock

MUA - Dan Hoey, Kailey Walker

Models - Miss Diamond Sparkle, Kinkles Noir, Matthew Scott, Kate Awcock, Bob Broad, Alex Hodges, +


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