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The Android

February 27, 2018  •  1 Comment

'Just what do you think you're doing, Dave?’ came a strangely electronic voice from behind the studio door as I carried my camera and lighting kit up to it from the car. Worrying for two reasons, firstly who was saying it? Secondly, who the Devil was Dave? Inside I was greeted by Dr. Paszkowski, an enigmatic character to say the least, surrounded by computers, cables and other electronic paraphernalia, pushing buttons and sliding sliders in an overly excited manner. ‘Today my vision will be realised and my beautiful creation will come alive.’ Nutter, I thought!

Soon he was joined by another character, of equal questionable sanity, going by the name of Dr. Seymour Bones, a nom de plume if ever I had heard one. Jointly they babbled on about creating the perfect woman and I couldn’t help thinking I was watching a remake of the classic 1985 film Weird Science. Nutters, I thought.

But then, cunningly hidden in the studio makeup room the mad scientists’ version of ‘Lisa', strangely modelled on our very own in-house model Kelly, was unveiled to us, a vision of LEDs, fibre optics and umbilical lifelines. Capturing this on camera was going to take all of the studio's talent in lighting and photography. ‘I’ve got the lights.’ I said. 

'This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it.’ came the weird electronic voice seemingly mocking my abilities.

As 'Thus Spoke Zarathustra' by Strauss resounded through the studio the crazy double act became more and more excited as they twiddled knobs and dials  until their creation awoke into life. Exhibiting extraordinary levels of artificial intelligence, the first words out of the androids mouth were ‘Can you turn the heating up?’ This was followed shortly thereafter by, ‘If you are not careful where you stick that LED you can forget Asimov’s first law of robotics and I will injure you!'

The shoot went well though and I couldn’t help thinking the mad scientists had not done a bad job; so much so that at the end of the shoot I asked Gino if he could sneak the android into my car. ‘I’m afraid I can do that Dave.’ he replied in a weird electronic voice!

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This shoot cast and crew:

The Android - Kelly Maynard

The Mad Doctors - Mel Paszkowski and Marcus Massey

Makeup Team - Dan Hoey, Hillary Cowley, Elycia Vallins, Gemma Smyth, and Olivia Whitehead

Electrics - Matthew Scott

Assistant - James Bullen

Photographers - Gino Cinganelli, Stephanie Sceal, and Iain Blacklock



Mel Paszkowski(non-registered)
That was a terrific day. Surrounded by very talented and enthusiastic people. It brought out the best in us. Look forward to many more such events.
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