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Catch Me If You Can

February 24, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Frank William Abagnale Jr.was widely recognized as the best con artist, check forger, imposter and escape artist in U.S. history. On the 18th February, armed with three pilots, Bob, Jon and Tobias and five lovely flight attendants, Ricia, Gem, Sammy, Jes and Abby, we set about recreating some of the scenes from the movie about the true story - Catch Me If You Can. Our small makeup team, Dan and Zoë applied some 1960s style makeup to the models before they put on their Pan American style uniforms - which I can only assume Gino obtained by phoning the head office of an airline and telling them there had been a terrible dry cleaning incident and all of his flight attendants’ uniforms had been ruined - well that or eBay! Jon also doubled as FBI Special Agent Joseph Shea. 

After shooting some individual and group shots in the main studio we set about cheering up the Motorbike Shop, at the edge of the river, with some outdoor shots. From there it was over the road to out favourite 1940s tea room - a period slightly too early but not so far as to look completely wrong before finishing the shoot back in the studio.

The budget for the shoot was nowhere near the two and half million dollars Frank was alleged to have cashed in his six years of crime, before being arrested in France at the age of 21, nonetheless I would like to confirm that no cheques were forged in the making of this shoot. 

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