There was are a rather damp surprise for us  a couple of weeks ago when we discovered the tenants above us had a small leak which resulted in a shallow swimming pool throughout our studio. We are currently in the process of replacing the whole of the downstairs flooring and just had a new infinity curve built.

By the end of this weekend we hope to have sanded down the curve and repainted it. We will also be repainting the low key black walls in the main studio. New flooring should be going down in the next week.

It was not just the main studio that suffered; the makeup room, boudoir set and themed room all got damaged. We are taking the opportunity to completely revamp those areas and hope to be able to offer a more general purpose shooting space where the bar set had been.  We think people are going to like.

The Loft and Asylum are still available and we hope to have the main studio, at least, up and running again within the next week subject to the floor fitter being available.

Thank you to everybody that has assisted us so far and thank you to everybody that we have had to cancel bookings for - your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.

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