About - Rochester Studios

Rochester Studios is a small, enthusiastic team consisting of photographers, makeup artists and models. The studio is mainly used as a permanent base for the team to share and explore their creativity jointly and individually.

To subsidise the running costs we use the studio for small workshops or to provide a place for other creative, like-minded people, to work out of for a small hiring fee. Our extensive range of experience and contacts will offer something for both new and experienced photographers, makeup artists and models.

Our core team is made up of three photographers, Gino, Iain, and Dave, and two makeup artists Dan and Zoe.

However, we could not manage this venture on our own and we have the support of Carrie who does most of our administration and makes sure our rent is paid. Stephanie Sceal, and Patricia Jacobs can provide additional photographic support if required.

Dan and Zoe also have an extensive list of additional makeup artist we can call in if required.

Our in-house models, with whom we frequently work, can get preferential studio rates that they can in turn pass on to you. In addition to that, we also have many other model contacts we can put you in touch with if you are looking for something specific for your shoot and cannot find yourself.

Between us we believe we can take on the largest of organised shoots!

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